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Ultra X Sri Lanka Marathon

Hey beautiful Malaysians,

I am Jerry Song, a house officer in Penang General Hospital. I love running since young. And I never stop despite the hectic schedule of housemanship. I run during my off days and for me, every running session is a luxurious meditation period for me.

I ran marathons more than 50km and up to 250km during my college and university times. But this time, after a long hiatus from my last race in 2019, I decided to challenge myself to pursue something different again.

Guess what, I am running a 250km foot race to raise fund for Penang Hospice Society. In this coming March 2022, I am participating in Ultra X Sri Lanka, a 250km course ultramarathon in 5days!  So, an average of 50km per day, consecutively for 5 days.

I am so excited about it and I want to pursue this challenge with a cause. Since medical school, I realized the importance of palliative and hospice care in Malaysia. My grandmother had received tremendous support and care in the end-of-life journey before succumbed to Pancreatic cancer. We can never achieve our goal of “LEAVE NO BEHIND- EQUITY IN ACESS TO PALLIATIVE CARE” without the support of every single Malaysians. Providing homecare to terminal-ill patients is undeniably challenging especially in this Covid-19 era.

For this challenge, my ultimate goal is to raise fund to Penang Hospice Society, providing a sustainable fund to further stretch our Palliative/Hospice care service in Penang and ensuring our long-term care of patients. I believe we can do more by highlighting the awareness of hospice and palliative care, reach out to those who need our care the most regardless of their background.

I aim to complete this challenge as to light up the beacon of hospice care! I will be running with full hope in the back of mind, hoping to see one day, every terminally ill patient in Penang will blessed with accompany of hospice care during their end-of-life journey.

Blessed day ahead people.


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